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5.2K / 6K HD Drone Filming

A few examples we offer:

Aerial Broadcast Filming for major TV companies & Film companies

Aerial mapping / Aerial filming / Commerial aerial films etc.

Aerial Drone Filming - UAV Aerial Filming - Aerial mapping company -

4K / 5.2K / 6K CinemaDNG or Apple PRO RES

UAV Aerial Drone Film projects


6K / 8K Cinematic cameras

Wembley Stadium filmed under construction by IDP-FILM
Savills Estate Agents Aerial Photographer & Internal SUPER PRIME Photographer. Accredited Supplier
Aerial Drone Filming - UAV Aerial Film - Aerial Mapping Company -

4K / 5.2K / 6K CinemaDNG or Apple PRO RES

UAV Aerial Drone Film projects


6K / 8K Cinematic cameras

We are FULLY APPROVED, INSURED & LICENCED by the CAA to fly in all the classes:



                                      0 - 7kg - CAA Licensed & Approved UAV

                including the massive SUAV Aerial Drone unlimited classification:

                                    7 - 20kg - CAA Licensed & Approved UAV


                                             CAA licence number:  607

                                  Insurance cover:   £10 Million unlimited


At IDP Film: - Film making & aerial videography is our specialism and passion.

We provide 345 days a year service and are always looking for the next big project.

IDP Film are always striving to make your film project the very best; "we never let up, because we know we only look good when you do".


We have worked in Television & Film production since 1989:

MotoGP, Formula One, World Superbikes, Bollywood and other major businesses & sports

We welcome the opportunity to demonstrate our capabilities and work closely with you on any project you may have, and to be part of your winning team.


IDP Film are a technical led business that manages and delivers a wide range of services to clients throughout:

Dubai UAE

London & Home Counties

The Midlands

Southwest England




Our state-of-the-art aerial filming platforms have 5.2K S-UHD down links to 4 cinema displays - showing real time live footage and supply live feed to big public display audience viewing.

We have a range of licensed aircraft ranging from 7kg upto 20kg.


IDP Film has invested in the latest technology with the award winning U1 Aerial platforms fitted with:

the legendary:


The Award winning INSPIRE 2's   fitted with either:   X7 or X5S - 5.2K/6K  Ultra HD camera


DJI  X7 6K ultra S-UHD

with CinemaDNG - 5.2K & APPLE Pro Res - 5.2K   Full 5.2K HD ( ULTIMATE S-UHD Quality )


DJI  X5S 5.2K ultra S-UHD

with CinemaDNG - 5.2K & APPLE Pro Res - 5.2K  Full 5.2K HD ( ULTIMATE S-UHD Quality )



RAW only dot.Move:   X5R does NOT shoot Cinema DNG or Apple Pro Res



dot.Mov File only:  X5R does NOT shoot Cinema DNG or Apple Pro Res


RED DRAGON - Weapon 6K

6K 2.4:1 / 100fps - 16.5+ resolution dynamic range  APPLE Pro Res - 6K HD (ULTIMATE S-UHD Quality)



We film with SSD 480 GB - for full 12 bit rate capture @ 5.2K HD  ( 5x 480GB SSD HD's )





We have fully equipped in-house edit studios using the much acclaimed Davinci Resolve 11 film making editing software with Mac pro's 6.1's.


We film in either: 8K / 6K / 5.2K / 4K CinemaDNG / Apple PRO RES Ultra S-UHD  or 1080p/1080i HD video to client's requirements and can also supply still photography upto 216MB each picture file giving outstanding reproduction quality and can also supply our clients a 1TB HD for easy access to the final production job.


We have been in the industry for over 20 years so we know what film producers require and we capture the scene within 2-3 takes - we pride ourselves in what we can deliver.

Our CAA pilot: Mark Edwards B.A.Hons with 28 years experience of CAA aircraft & flights.





We welcome the opportunity to be part of your team.


UK Aerial Filming Aerial Drone Aerial Film Company
Aerial Drone Filming - Professional UAV Film company for HIRE -
Aerial Drone Film Company TO HIRE Aerial Drone DJI X5R pic left DJI X5S pic right
CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming





IDP Film Studios

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