At IDP Film we film with The Award winning CinemaDNG / Apple Pro Res - INSPIRE 2's

fitted with either:   X7 or X5S - 6K  Ultra HD cameras


DJI  X7 6K ultra S-UHD

with CinemaDNG - 5.2K & APPLE Pro Res - 5.2K HD    (ULTIMATE S-UHD Quality)


DJI  X5S 5.3K ultra S-UHD

with CinemaDNG - 5.3K & APPLE Pro Res - 5.3K HD    (ULTIMATE S-UHD Quality)

DJI X7 Camera in Comparison with RED Weapon 8K - - Camera Test
DJI X7 Camera in Comparison with RED Weapon 8K - www.IDP - Camera Test - DJI X7 Camera in Comparison with RED Weapon 8K - Camera Test



We film with SSD 480 GB - for full 12 bit rate capture @ 5.2K HD  ( 5x 480GB SSD HD's )


We have fully equipped in-house edit studios using the much acclaimed

Davinci Resolve 11 film making editing software with Mac pro's 6.1's.

We film in either: 8K / 6K / 5.3K / 4K CinemaDNG / Apple PRO RES Ultra S-UHD  or 1080p/1080i HD video to client's requirements and can also supply still photography upto 216MB each picture file giving outstanding reproduction quality and can also supply our clients a 1TB HD for easy access to the final production job.

We welcome the opportunity to be part of your team.




IDP Film on Location in 2017 - IDP FILM
IDP Film with Bruce Crompton of Combat Dealers - Quest TV
EMIRATES our preferred transport - Fly Emirates - Hello Tomorrow A380 Airbus
IDP Film on location in 2016
Aerial UAV Aerial Drone Film Crew on location. ( picture 2015 )
HIre a UAV Aerial Film Supplier - IDP Film Complete Aerial Filming ( Picture taken back in 2014 )
CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming





IDP Film Studios

 ( +44 )  01531 633833




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