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We offer at IDP FILM a bespoke articulated camera tracking low loader vehicle.


The main bed is 8 meters long and has a maximum legal width of 2.55 meters (8 feet 3 inches) which can be extended by 61 cm (2 feet) each side (subject to a police escort) and has a working length of 7.31 meters (24 feet).

The plated gross weight of 9000 KG (9 metric tons) gives it the legal capacity to carry a large vehicle.


The rear wheel width can also be hydraulically extended to accommodate loading large vehicles.


The waterproof crew cabin "pod" has full leather seating and lap safety belts for 8 persons.

The pod is insulated and padded for sound and warmth and has internal lighting, 3 pin electric sockets, and a central monitor providing a forward visual picture by aid of a front camera on the unit and a Red/Green automatic warning light when the vehicle's handbrake is activated providing you with a visual indication when safe for you to move.

There's a fan heater for those early morning and late night shoots and two tinted opening sliding windows and two air roof spinners providing fresh air as and when required. The trailer and unit total "air" suspension allows a fully adjustable ride height and optimum ride quality, complete with safety hand rails, additional tubes and fittings, safety harnesses, securing points and straps, first aid kit and two fire extinguishers.

The rear of the pod has a lockable roller blind fitted and a permanent stainless steel lighting goal post, deck working lights and ladder style hand rails.


Our Camera Tracking Lorry unit is powered by a "Euro 5" engine which complies with all the European standards for the definition of a "clean vehicle" (no fumes for the crew to inhale) together with a new 8 KVA Ohan generator rated to be best for low emissions and a Clean wave, incarcerated in a sound proof cabinet ( keep sound happy ) suppling power to the trailer and is constantly fuelled from the main tank (no stopping with refuelling interruptions).

The unit has a rear facing camera and monitor fitted for all round visual safety.


In addition to all the safety equipment,we also carry a comprehensive kit of scaffold tubing with all types of scaffold fittings, straps, eye bolts, daisy straps, wire safety bonds, barrel clamps, wedges, rubber/foam padding, camera mounts, boss, euro, scaffold moy/boss plates, safety harnesses, cleaning kit, suckers, various tools, grovel pads and camera umbrella


We believe in delivering big results! - so contact us to HIRE this state of the art Camera Lorry - goes anywhere at any time.


Contact us to book at:

note: 7 days notice is usually required as this unit gets booked quite often ! - Its that good.

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CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming

IDP Film Studios

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CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming
CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming
CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming
CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming
CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming
CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming
CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming
CINEMA DNG - Apple Pro Res Aerial Drone Filming
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